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We bring a 360° marketing strategy tailored for you. Using the Lean Canvas Model, we work with you to define your goals, and the strategy to reach them. We make sure every piece of marketing you release puts you closer to your target.


We are not called Eye catcher for nothing. We can handle all aspects of your branding. From your new brand development, proposition and position, to rebranding, logo design and asset development.

Social media

We can help you build an engaged community. We help you grow your channels, create results-driven content, curate expert news and implement social media campaigns on the right platform for you.

Website Design

Website design

Your website is your shop window to the world. We make sure it does the job. From CMS, mobile optimisation and responsive sites, to analytics, UX and SEO. We make websites that are effective, for you and your audience.


We will devise an advertising strategy, totally tailored to you. With campaign concept creation, media planning and post campaign analysis, you can be sure that your advertising campaign will deliver strong return on investment

Startup package

Using the Lean Canvas model, we work with you to identify any gaps in your skills portfolio, then we fill them. Whether it’s strategy, marketing, business, crowd funding growth or branding services, we’ve got an expert in our team ready to help you.